Praying for my Brothers

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Praying for my Brothers

Post by LovetoworshipJesus on Wed Jun 24, 2009 9:42 pm

I have two brothers one is 26 and the other is 30...Well God I bind all lust, deceptive,controlling spirits, anger,lack. Lord give them love peace, joy, wisdom. God they need you. lord dont let them fall anymore. GOd send labors in the field to minster to them. I would a like better relationship with my brother. Lord I pray if they are holding any unforgiveness in their heart towards me or any other family members in my family that they would let it go. Lord they need you. Send them Godly women whos pretty, strong, and filled with the holy spirit. Lord I leave this into your hands. Take this burden off of me. I try to reach out to my brothers but they are so busy being caught in the world. Help me to love them unconditionally amen
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