Wedding ............

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Wedding ............

Post by reepromotions on Wed Jun 24, 2009 6:03 am

I dreamt I was at my cousin's wedding. Myself and my other two cousins were bridesmaid; we were dressed in bright orange dresses. In my dream I was very happy and we were singing and marching behind the bride and the groom. I was also happy for the fact that it was my first time that I was a bridesmaid. Then the dream went a bit vivid but we ended up being in my uncle's bedroom, where he had a big plasma TV and the room was not impressive. His clothes were folded and placed on top of the cupboards and it seemed like he did not have a wardrobe to put his clothes in. We sat and chat in that bedroom and the I asked "where is the dessert?". And then after that we ate chocolate muffins.

Please interpret.
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