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Post by TrueTriumphant on Wed Jun 24, 2009 4:05 am

I dreamt about a man who was in prison. The man seemed to be popular. He was talking to two friends about something (I forgot) when I saw him. I saw the two friends leave the prison first with a box (that I knew had lots of money in it). The man ran up to them and somehow stole the box. I then saw the same man walk into a different nation. The nation had a god that was short, had female qualities, hair was scattered on the top of the head. The god wore a shirt, a skirt and some tights. The women of the land dressed the same way. As the man walked, he walked into another land. I saw a lady who seemed to have some sort of authority in the land. The man from above was of course a foreigner of the land. There was this small snake hanging from the ceiling of this area. The lady kept looking at the man as if she was about to say something. All of a sudden, the snake leaned over to him. The man fearlessly stood still and then began to speak. As he grabbed the snake he said “This is a cattle snake…” and began speaking about the snake. He mentioned that the snake was made out of a type of aluminum and demonstrated the power of the snake. The snake swallowed his prey whole. It was able to dive underground to better attack its prey. It seemed to prey on anything living including man and snakes of its kind, but there was something very different about this particular snake than the others of its kind. We saw it attack and swallow whole a snake of its kind. This snake was very small and short. The people looked at this foreigner as a mouth piece for the snake and were very surprised. Some of the people also displayed fear towards the snake. Note: The places seen in the dream was desert like areas. They did not look familiar.

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Re: Dream-Snakes

Post by usemeLord on Wed Jun 24, 2009 5:07 am

Wow sounds like a prophetic dream. I pray God gives you the interpretation. Have you tried googling the qualities of that short god.

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