Symbolic series of dreams maybe?

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Symbolic series of dreams maybe?

Post by ahjavier on Tue Jun 23, 2009 9:07 am

two weeks ago: i dreamed a guy friend i just met in real life let me
borrow his black car because my car didn't work too well. i drove it
but it felt uneasy. i felt like i had a hard time getting out of the
garage. when i got home, i couldn't tell my husband about the guy or
the car.

night after that: i had a dream we were talking in my
son's class and his smile just gave me peace and it was just

night after that: i was driving down a street and
i was about to turn right, when i saw that same guy i just met going
down the other way with his eyes closed -- it looked like he was just
sitting on the hood of another car.

two nights ago: I had a
dream about him but he wasn't really there alot. i saw flashes of red
As (he loves the atlanta braves) and i don't really know what to make
of it. NOTE: I've been confused about this guy..i'm in a bind. I
couldn't get him out of my mind. I prayed to God to give me three signs
if the feeling is mutual between us. As soon as i said that, his name
popped up on the TV (credits after a certain movie) and the name billy
came up only once. then some guy that was fighting said he was
Victorville, CA -- that's where he grew up..then that night i had this
dream. help! =)

then last night: Me and a friend ended up in a
place that looks like a county fair being chased (Well, actually, he
stood up from amongst the crowd of other animals and proceeded to walk
toward us. In my dream, I felt he was chasing us) by a bear that looks
like a man dressed in a bear suit. we ran towards an abandoned-looking

Then, outside of a house (not mine) being chased by I don't know what but my friend said "see
that? catch that and he won't hurt us. He would rather catch that that
get us so get it before him". ---- that something is what i'm really
needing interpretation most on --- it was glowing light blue-white
fireball looking thing. it was small, could fit in my hand, and it
flies around. when it flies fast enough, it turns kind-of amber-looking
like it's on fire. i touched it and it burned a little. it was very
lightweight -- anyway, i caught it and put it in my pocket hoping it
won't slip out. i was still scared running towards the house.

I posted under dreams and interpretations for the rest of the details =)

Thank you for your help in advance =)

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