out of control vehicles

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out of control vehicles

Post by Brandy on Mon Jun 22, 2009 5:07 pm

I keep having dreams where I am in an out of control vehicle. The last one I had I was going in reverse with no brakes. I was doing a good job dodging things and not hitting them. I was looking for a good place to run into safely. I finally ran into a ditch backwards perfectly safe. I was happy and sighing of relief. Then a car passed me that had a man in it dressed in black clothes. The jacket was like an old timey amish looking jacket and he also had the hat that matched. He had grey to white hair. He then grabbed my hair real fast like and cut it and sped off holdng my hair in the air laughing an evil laugh. In my dream I knew that this man had evil intentions and I needed to get my hair back. I chased him but never caught him before the dream ended. My second dream I was in an out of control vehicle with no brakes again trying to dodge everything and succeeding. Then a friend of mine which is of the opposite sex pulled me onto the roof of the vehicle where I then noticed it was an ambulance. We proceeded to dodge things and then that was the end of the dream. Anybody?

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