Not to move before God tells me too

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Not to move before God tells me too

Post by LovetoworshipJesus on Sun Jun 21, 2009 3:39 pm

Need prayer Sometimes I feel like I want to make certain moves and I am not sure if I should. Lord please do not allow me to move before your time. I feel sometimes I dont want to deal with certain issues in my home concerning my family. Lord I need you to move on my behalf. Break the strong man in my family, finances,in my church in my mind, emotions. Sometimes Lord I feel like when am i ever going to step out of here. Lord I need you .Please dont let me fall. I need you to speak to me in Jesus amen. Lord send angels to protect me dont let make any foolish mistake. Lord I feel like I want to call my future helpmate, Lord I am your women of God who is standing in the need. Lord allow your annointing to destroy yokes in here. I must get away from this home. Jesus I need my own. LOrd I dont know wehre the money will come from but Lord Move me. I need peace in my own home so when I go out to my battle I will be strong. Heal and destroy Yokes in my brothers mind and heart. make his flesh die so he may serve you only. Lord I need you now. I am waiting on you. Thank you Lord in Jesus name. Amen
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