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Post by butterfly on Thu Jun 18, 2009 3:59 am


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Post by Guest on Thu Jun 18, 2009 6:29 am

Hi Butterfly, Two things stick out to me in this dream: 1) You were correctly discerning something and SHOULD trust that discernment because it turns out to be correct. 2) You were observing and were there on behalf of your Father.

Here are some thoughts to consider...Grandma-- to me when I see my grandmother she usually symbolizes one of 2 things. (1) religious tradition in the Body of Christ/Chur (religion vs. relationship -- the old way of doing things) or (2) Generational issues within my family. In looking at your dream here it seems like your grandmother may be representing something within the church or something old/ancient. How do you view your grandmother and is she still alive? My grandmother is a godly woman, but she's old school, she doesn't walk in the new revelations that God has provided to the Body of Christ. She's still walking in revelation she received way, way back and doesn't receive anything new. To me, she's the "old" way of doing things.

The lady who is in her 30s seems to be symbollic here since you do not know her and is in your grandmother's room laying on her bed -- a place of rest and a place of intimacy. So this lady is somehow tied in with whatever your grandmother symbolizes. This lady is laying down resting and has neglected her babies, which you properly discern. Then you are assigned to look for the baby, find the baby, and resuscitate the baby -- which you succeed in doing! It seems like you were assigned to pray and resuscitate this "thing", whatever it may be. Then you watched the whole thing first hand -- the trial, etc. At the end of the dream you're standing with your Dad getting a status update. Although the trial occurred, whatever the situation was does not seem to be completely dealt with since she was not "arrested". Is there anything like that currently happening perhaps with something that is about 2 years old? It seems like the reason for this neglect is that whatever this lady symbolizes felt like she had her hands full and just didn't take care of her responsibilities as a result. Simple neglect! Interestingly this lady (whatever she symbolizes) is zapped away from being accountable for what she has done by "artificial air" so this is not God doing the zapping. I see the helicopter as an "escape" of some kind. If nothing like this has occurred, could it be the answer to a question you've been asking the Lord or something you have recently discerned and observed? If that's not the case, it could be things to come. God shows us the end from the beginning!

These are things to consider, as you seek the Lord for the interpretation.


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