Two dreams that left me puzzled. Help, please!

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Two dreams that left me puzzled. Help, please!

Post by princessarielle12 on Tue Jun 16, 2009 7:58 am

Hello everybody!

I have had two dreams recently that left me puzzled. I pray that somebody may help me in interpreting them according to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

In the first one, I was going to church. It was my church, except the building was much much bigger than our current building. I passed through a big gate and there were many people. We were all going to church. It was amazing to me because I go to a quite small church. I entered the huge building and went on its second floor. In one of the rooms there, I saw all of our pastors, even some who had come from a different branch, united and worshipping together. Right in front of them were a line a chairs filled with people I did not recognize. I could not even see the end of the line, so long it was. I was surprised, in my heart, in the dream but I joined them into worship. As soon as I started worshipping, I felt like using the bathroom. I suddenly wanted to pie. I tried to contain myself so I could at least enjoy the worship but I could not. So, I stormed out of the room in search of a restroom. The second floor was so big and there were so many rooms that while searching for the restroom, I got lost and could not find my way to neither the restroom nor the room where everybody was worshipping and I woke up.
When I woke up, I was breathing fast and I had a sensation that it was reality. It took me a few seconds to realize it had just been a dream.

The second dream I had left me also perplexed, but I'm thinking they are somewhat related.

In it, my favorite and closest uncle and his wife asked me to help them make a precious jewel that they were going to sell. To get the material to make it, he asked me to lie and he asked my younger brothers to steal some other material to give it to him. He concocted a bad plan to make that jewel where my brothers and I were involved. In my heart, in the dream, I was afraid to be caught and for my parents to know about it. Plus, I knew it was not good to do that as a christian, but I could not refuse anything to my uncle. So, I did everything he asked and on the day he was going to make the deal, he wanted to go with my brothers. I reluctantly went to pick them up with him and we went to the place where he was going to see the people he was selling it to. It was just on a road where not many cars were passing by. He crossed and went on the other side to meet two men who looked like gangsters with my brothers. My aunt and I, we stayed on the other side of the road. We started walking as if we were just passing by. She was trying to make the conversation with me but I could not talk. I did not have peace in my heart. I was afraid that the authorities will find out (it was in the US) and they would deport me before I could even finish my school. I was worried about my brothers who were also in school. The more we were progressing in the walk, the happier she was but the more miserable I was. I started to tell her that I no longer wanted to do it. But she kept on reassuring me that nobody will find out. Her husband was good at it. And all of a sudden, my aunt said she wanted to lay down on the floor because she was tired. She was pregnant in the dream. I told her she should just be patient because there was no place where she could lay down. Then, she just decided to put her wrapper on the floor, even though removing it revealed her nakedness and she laid, naked on the floor and she was smiling. I just got scared and I told her she should get up because the men who were talking to my uncle could see her. Then, I just went back to the spot where my uncle was on the road and I called his name in french so the two men he was talking with will not understand. I started to argue with my uncle, asking him to release my brothers and I from his deal and I woke up.
When I woke up, I had the same reaction. I was scared as if it was reality but then after a few seconds I realized it was just a dream. I was shocked that my uncle that I love so much and for whom I have so much respect could ask me to do such a thing.

Thank you for helping me. God bless you!

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Re: Two dreams that left me puzzled. Help, please!

Post by Peter Odhiambo on Tue Jun 16, 2009 12:08 pm


It seems to me the two are related!There is a way how two dreams just connects and bring out a meaning and sometimes one just fits in and elaborate another.However I feel to share this.
Your dream start with the house of the Lord(church).This is the right place to be with,
(I have asked one thing from the LORD. This I will seek: to remain in the LORD's house all the days of my life in order to gaze at the LORD's beauty and to search for an answer in his temple
psalms 27:4)

You are seeing the beauty of his goodness,a spiritual increase in the church,the church is big,congregation is large united and worshipping in unity.All these are symbolic and talks about your life and the place where God wants you to be,In his house.Where there is provisions and bondages are broken.This temple is your body,your life,all that is within you.The lord is showing you this because he requires a revival of this nature from you and this revival shall proceed to other family members and in their situations.

(You know that your body is a sanctuary of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have received from God, don't you? You do not belong to yourselves (I corinthians 6:19)

However you seems to be finding reasons not to be in the house of the lord.You have a luggage with you,I know you heart is willing,the spirit is willing but the body is weak.But you have to worship him a midst all these.In the dream as soon as you come out of the house of the Lord you are lost!The heavenly atmosphere changes to a bathroom,restroom etc and fear comes inside you.
Be in the house of the Lord,dwell in the house of the Lord.

Jacob at one time was in bethel but when he chose to move to schechem,the calamity striked,the family strifes and the maid dies.previously in gen 28:20 he builds an altar to the Lord,he worships the Lord at his house and was well with him .There is good reason to believe that the troubles into which Jacob fell at Shechem were due immediately to his failure in this very particular, and had he gone directly to Bethel his household had been purged the more promptly of the "strangegods" that were in it, and his children had escaped the taint which these of necessity must impart. Furthermore, had he gone sooner to Bethel his children would have been kept out of the way of temptation (Gen. 34:1), and then the impure and bloody conduct of which they were guilty had been prevented. Mark, too, how Genesis 35 illustrates the awful spread of the leprosy of sin. At first the teraphim were hidden by Rachel. and none of the family except her seem to have known of them: but now Jacob had to command his" household" and "all that were with him" to "put away the strange gods" which were among them.

and when he went back to bethel there was victory and revival a gain.

The second dream illustrates the dangers involved when one moves a way from The house of the Lord.Is there spiritual burden for your close relative,immediate family members that you are carrying but it just look too much for you and you do not know how it gonna end?
do you just feel like just giving up on this issues in your life?Are there decisions you are struggling to make.Either ethical or un ethical?

I have preached a little bit but take what blesses you.


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