One more Jennifer Lopez Dream!

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One more Jennifer Lopez Dream!

Post by Desiree (Starpop) on Fri Jun 12, 2009 9:52 am

Had this dream last night:

I remember seeing a Jennifer Lopez music video. Again, she was dressed kind of "scantily clad" but a little bit more conservative this time (she had on a white midrif like top [showing her flat stomach] and white tight bell-bottom like pants [to show off her curves]-which honestly nothing is wrong with that because I do feel like one should be trendy, but I personally believe that if one is a mother, one shouldn't wear certain things that may seem "unpresentable"/"questionable" in public.) Anyway, she was singing a pop-like nursery rhyme and I remember the lyrics stating how she like's her boy and her girl (which IRL she has a set of boy and girl twins who are now 1.) I saw two babies in the camera at two separate times--they clearly looked like newborns (fresh out the womb lol! ) and at one point I saw her and her husband (Mark Anthony) getting really close. (She singing while looking at him lovingly and he resting his face in her neck/shoulder-smiling).

thinking I wonder. Could things be different for them now? Let me know ya'lls thoughts (that was so country!!lol) flower
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