Repost of A vision of myself

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Repost of A vision of myself

Post by Renee on Thu Jun 11, 2009 9:24 am

The Lord gave me a vision about 3 months ago. Everything around me was darkness and from above was a beam of light shining down on me and I seen myself with wings in back of me.

The second vision was like a fiery fernace in front of me. There was a brick wall supporting an open enterace and inside the entrance was nothing but flames. I didnt want to go into the flames nither did I want to go through the flames.

I have came to a conclusion that I have to go through the fire in order to be purified for my destiny and to be compaled meaning pushed into service as a Prophetess. I dont like the prossess but I'm willing to pay the price.

So I would love for a Rhema word, Revelation, Comformation, of these visions.

God bless,

Renee Martin

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