A strange dream of losing things and running late

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A strange dream of losing things and running late

Post by Cholette on Sat Sep 06, 2008 6:31 am

Good morning!

I'm just waking up from a really wild dream. I was going to an event with what seems to have been two people, one was my friend Tracie and there was a nother person who I didn't know who they were. We were going to an event and as we were getting ready to leave I realize that my bag, which had my ticket was still in the house (we were running late already so that wasn't cool), so I ran in the house (it was someone else's house) to grab my bag really quick,but it was no longer on the floor by the kitchen. I went to another place where the bag could be, but it wasn't there. I began to panic, because my wallet with credit cards and money were in there...along with the ticket for the event. In back of my mind, I was thinking bout the "questionable" people that lived there like they were capable of taking my items. I looked everywhere and I finally found them, but then I had to use the bathroom really bad, but when I went, I couldn't go because I was too nervous about making my friends wait and making us all late to this event. When I got to the car, I had been sitting in the front passenger seat, but there was someone else in the seat which was my friend Jackie, so I got in the back seat and sat behind her. She informed me that they were talking about how she saved her money, quit her job and how she is waiting on God for a new one. The girl in the back seat with me said "Jackie you would have never done that years ago, you are so strong" and I chimed in in agreement letting her know that she was strong.

As we were driving, we passed by all these apartments and I specifically saw a sign that said "City of Ahmanson" (I looked up this city, but it doesn't exist...it only says it's a popular theater near me in Los Angeles). I realized we were close to the event, but then my friend's children were still in the car (they weren't there before and by this time I was back in the front passenger seat and Jackie was NOT in the car) and I asked her if she was going to take them to my aunts house. She totally forgot that they were in the car. So we had to turn around and go to my aunts house which was going to make us even more late. As we were turning around we passed by this warehouse and the old "Dream Team" basketball team that played in the Summer Olympics EIGHT years ago was coming out the warehouse in their basketball warm ups.

The dream was over at this point and we never made it to the event...I'm not sure what type of event this was, but whatever it was it was important...or at least it felt like it was.

Does anyone have any insight to this one? It seems VERY wacky to me. duh :eek:

Help me if you feel led to...PLEASE praying


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Re: A strange dream of losing things and running late

Post by butterfly on Mon Jan 05, 2009 2:55 pm

Hi Cholette. Perhaps when you had this dream at that time in your life you felt unsettled about certain things where not everything was going as smooth as you wanted it to go. Perhaps you were feeling, nervous, anxious and unprepared for certain events in your life. Perhaps you might have been busy with several things so it was a kind of chaotic time in your life, alot of running up and down, delays etc.

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