Gunman At The Gas Station

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Gunman At The Gas Station

Post by Change on Mon Jun 08, 2009 9:16 am

i dreamed this a long time ago.

i was in the backseat of a car.

some female relatives were in the front driving...grandmother/mother.

it was night time.

we pulled into a gas station.

when i got out of the car, i saw a man eyeing me suspiciously.

i turned around and saw another man coming towards me and i immediately perceived him as a threat.

i then attacked him but he wasn't phased by it.

he then pulled out a gun and kept walking towards me.

he was pure evil...he had no facial expression, he said nothing...he just kept silent.

i was walking back and pleading for him to not kill me.

i then backed too far into a fence or some kind of barrier.

that's when the man put down the gun and pulled out a knife.

i stepped to the side and right as the man was to kill me, my dad came out of nowhere.

my dad came up behind him and killed him.

what is the spiritual symbolism of this dream?

there's one last bit of information...regarding how i felt when my dad killed the man.

it seemed like, when my dad killed the man, though i was relieved...i felt slighted in some it was too easy or something...or maybe i wanted to kill the man...something.

just some aspect of my dad killing the man made me sour in some way...though HOW can that be?

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Re: Gunman At The Gas Station

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 10, 2009 2:12 pm are some thoughts. You're in a car in the backseat and your mom/grandmother are the ones driving. This seems to have something to do with your spiritual inheritance perhaps in your family or generational things. That being the context of the dream, it seems to show that this bad guy who tried to kill you (which of course is the devil) must have something to do with things within your family. Now this could be your literal family, or even your church family.

Your dad killing the bad guy, well that's obviously divine intervention. You being sour about it could be several things. The thing that immediately comes to mind is the prophet Jonah regarding Nineveh. He was actually put out with God because God saved the city when they repented. He felt they should be destroyed (or dealt with in a different way.) But, Jonah's job was to go and preach to them to repent. He did, and God spared them, but Jonah was unhappy with the way God handled it. Perhaps this is something similar with you. Has there been a situation that maybe you wished God would've handled differently? If not, it could be showing you things to come. Does any of that bear witness?


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