I had a nightmare dream last night and can't make anything out of it.

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I had a nightmare dream last night and can't make anything out of it.

Post by WomanofPurpose on Thu Jun 04, 2009 10:35 am

What does this dream mean?

I dreamed that I was in my fiance's house just as I was last night. He was sleeping in one room and I was sleeping in another room. It's almost like some men broke into the house and I heard them rumbling up stairs. They came into the room I was in and one of them said where's Richard. Then he insisted that I knew who Richard was so he shot me in my right leg and I saw blood. So I was weeping the whole time and they walked over to the room where my fiance was and they brought him into the room where I was and say sit down right there where your wife is and they asked him too. They put a pistol in his mouth and he said I don't care kill me and then the man walked back and forth speaking in another language like haitian or something to his partner in crime and then he pushed the gun back in my fiance's mouth and then my dream ended.

I asked my fiance if he knew any Richard, he told me No and Why did I ask him that?

Can anyone make anything out of this dream?

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