juice being pured out of a tomato

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juice being pured out of a tomato

Post by wheretonow33 on Thu Jun 04, 2009 8:39 am

My dream. I am taking a walk with my son and his dad. We walk from our assumed house, up street around corner. I see house to my right. Riled in front porch with vegetable plants hanging down along roof edge of porch. They are cucumbers and tomatos. IRL I had been thinking of planting.I miss not gardening. Maybe that's why in dream I say , to the man there, It was probably too late for me to plant some. He said, no, it should only take about nine days for them to germinate. He was talking about the cucumbers, I think. Next, I'm in this man's house in the kitchen area. There is some kind of carousel rack hanging form the ceiling. I think it was hoding jars of food stuff. The man takes a bottle or jar off the carousel thing. He tells me and some other stranger man standing there, that he can pour juice out of a tomato. This other strange man bet him five hundred and some dollars that he could not just tip this tomato over and have all this jusice pour out. The one man looked intently at the other man. He then opened this jar, took out a whole tomato, tipped it over and all this juice poured out onto the floor. The only thing left was the rounded shape of the tomato skin that he was holding in his hand. He then became serious with the man who had bet him. He demanded he pay him the amount of the bet. I became scared that there would be a fight. Dream actions get fuzzy. I move away, to the left, toward a corner of counter area. I may have began interjecting my own thoughts. I don't know. I think maybe there was a gargbage sack there. I have something/s in my hands. I am trying not to drop something. Maybe a small bomb, because I am worrying about something getting ruined or exploding. I may have dropped or almost dropped what I was holding. I think I or we should get out of there before the house catches on fire or something. I go to leave through front door in living room. I see two latino looking kids sitting together on end of sofa that is along wall next to the front door. I hesitate, thinking about taking the kids out. For whatever reason, I think they are not my kids and since they were right by the front door; if a fire did break out in the kitchen area, they could just go out the door. Rude, huh?

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