I sensed his spirit today!! while on my new schedule/Testimony

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I sensed his spirit today!! while on my new schedule/Testimony

Post by LovetoworshipJesus on Wed May 27, 2009 9:47 pm

Hello Well you should know today was my first day sense I had the schedule change. At first I got a lil down. Then when I got there and I notice my students I begin to pick up myself up. I was lil irritated because I was still a lil upset about the schedule change. But anyway After I gave my students their assignments I was busy and I felt my helpmate presence around me. I knew in the spirit it was him, Its amazing that God allows us to discern others near us. So I begin to smile. I was thinking what if I did not take this shift I would not have rcv this wonderful visitation. I think this is another sure sign I am in the right place again. I remember my cousin told me a few months ago when I get my home in order meaning my relationship with my family together My helpmate will come. Well So far My mom dad and me and brother are doing much better. I dont have that anger inside for them and we went on a few family outings. We are still working on this but it is much better. Thank you for you prayers. yipppee My handsome helpmate is vastly approaching. I feel good that my helpmate can come and my family and I are at peace. Thank JESUS!!! Wedding bells will be ringing!! I will let you know lol! lol!
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