No doors in factory

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No doors in factory

Post by True Flight on Wed May 27, 2009 3:26 pm

I'm in a factory with some guys, we are all riding on a fork lift, we go out of the building.

Next scene same scenario, but this time the door is blocked. We drive around in the factory looking for a way out but every where there should be a door there isn't. We finally find a corridor that has a large open door at the end. All I can see through it is blue sky.
end of dream.

Next dream, I feel there related.
I'm with some guys buy a shed on a pier. We want to start a potato chip factory. We are trying to find a recipes for the chips but one of the guys doesn't want to hire a recipe person because all they will do is sit around. A black girl about 30 dish shows up with some chips. I try a chip and its good. But I tell her we want something with more zing/spice. She shuffles through her chips and hands me another. I take a bite out of it and it is awesome. I know that's the flavor we want.

I'm thinking these are both related to getting a job.
Any thoughts.

I don't know if the race of a person means anything in dreams, but I know black girls have always blessed me.
True Flight
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Re: No doors in factory

Post by HisLightbeam on Wed May 27, 2009 3:28 pm

LOL, when you said this dream, it reminded me of Frito Lay, the potato chip factory, and their warehouses in dallas. I will be waiting for your manifestation. I had this dream about making potato chips the other morning. I cut them with this slicer, a mandoline? and then put them in a fryer, and I was moving them around so that they did not stick? Anyway, that is something I have never done in real life. Interesting. Did you used to work in this type of environment, and did the environment close in your area?

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