REPOST: Complete chaos...what did this mean?

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REPOST: Complete chaos...what did this mean?

Post by HisLightbeam on Sun May 24, 2009 9:13 pm

i THOUGHT I had this figured out tongue stuck , Desiree and Sparta. I duhhhhn't. But I was hoping you ladies and gents will take another swipe at this. You can laugh now, Desiree. 🦇 s

Complete chaos...what did this mean?

HisLightbeam on Wed May 06, 2009 1:25 pm

I dreamed that there were two guys and one girl-they were all black, and seemed to be living in poverty. They led a rebellion in school. They burst into a classroom, where there were students in their desks, and everyone was surprised. There were four cakes all different, one round with white icing and strawberries, one round with white icing and blue trimming, and a flat sheet cake with white icing and yellow cake, and a flat sheet with white icing and brown cake. One of the guys flipped a cake over onto the other, and then someone shot this kid in the face. An officer came in and was participating with the guy. He said, "you get what you pay for". I was horrified. Then someone shot a posterboard likeness of a man, blew it away. One young man was smiling nervously at first, like "is this a joke?", but when his classmate was shot, the smile froze. I was not in the dream. It was like I was observing it. Then the guys and girl ran out into the football field. I could see the bleachers all around. There were people on the field kneeling on their knees, and they had some kind of dark green olive uniforms on, with the ball caps to match. I could not see their faces. Only that they had their arms raised to the shoulder, with the elbows bent, and their hands covered their faces. They were packed together, so you could not even see the ground. The boys and the girl were running on top of them and then started to climb up the bleachers to get away. I wondered how they were going to get over the top and on the ground, but then they jumped and ran away home. They went back to their house, which was kind of like a shotgun home, and very small. They had two bunk beds, decorated with fall colors. The two guys seemed to be brothers, and were competing for this girl's attention for some reason. The girl looked ragged, but manipulative. Then I woke up. IRL, I have never met these people before.

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