colorful mats and baby

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colorful mats and baby

Post by Rozes on Fri May 22, 2009 6:36 am

dreamt i was moving to a new i went to this place with my friend and we saw 2 beautiful and colorful mats i chose one and he chose another..i cant remember the color but it was beautiful...

after that the rain was falling..then i realize that i had a baby and she was outside lying in a bath tub in the rain getting i immediately went to wash her off..then took her out..

so i am driving with my friend..and then she told me that her business is cloed down and that there are no more customers coming to her place so i wondered what she was doing for a living now...
my friend previously had a snack bar where people come to drink and sing karaoke..i knew her before i became a christian so i havent seen her for a long time..i wonder what she is doing?/..i will pray for her...

any views?

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