Chinese / asian bikers

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Chinese / asian bikers

Post by Sirianta on Thu Sep 04, 2008 6:17 am

I dreamt that I was in a huge bus (very high bus) don't know if it was a double story bus, but I was sitting right at the back and very high. I was in the main road of our town, it was night time. To my left there was a petrol station with a café, pub (bar) and other shops. A minibus came speeding out of the petrol station into this main road. I was so scared that this minibus will cause an accident because there was traffic going by on this road. This minibus started fooling around in the road. Then I saw motorbikes coming out of the petrol station. They also started fooling around on this road and I was concerned that an accident was going to take place. This location is the exact location in my town IRL. I just live about 500m up this road.

Then all these bikers started doing tricks with their bikes in perfect harmony (all doing the same moves at exactly the same time) They got off their bikes and I saw they were asian or chinese men. Now they were rolling over and doing all kinds of tricks (like in a circus) again in perfect harmony. I got the idea that they were there to entertain people. I saw a lot of tourists being amused by this.

This is the second dream I've had in a short time of chinese people. The previous dream was of a woman, but I can't remember the dream.

My main concern in the dream was that someone is going to be in an accident because of these bikers doing these tricks while there is cars coming and going, but nothing happened.


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Re: Chinese / asian bikers

Post by daphanie02 on Thu Sep 04, 2008 1:00 pm

It sounds like people who are forign to you (or strangers) will be doing things that are somewhat dangerous but they wont be harmed. Do you have a circus coming to town anytime soon that you plan on going to see? my husband and i keep having fair dreams and we got an invitation the other day to go to the fair...we had no idea it was coming to town. your dream really sounds symbolic so just keep your eyes peeled for people who are doing somewhat dangerous things. God was letting you know ahead of time they will be ok.
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