Hotel then Vacation

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Hotel then Vacation

Post by lola21st on Thu May 14, 2009 11:07 am

The setting was in New York City. My ex-husband and I were on our way to Florida to visit my relatives. I told him it would be best to book a flight that would take us directly to the city that my relatives are in rather than flying to one of the larger cities and driving to their location. There were others traveling in the group as well - a couple of basketball players, my ex-h's sister and mother, a friend of my from college, and some people that I didn't know.

The issue here wasn't how we were going to get to Florida as much as it was how we were going to receive the knowledge to get there, i.e., receiving the word that it was ok to go. As we were waiting at the hotel, there was music and two of my cousins were dancing. Their arms moved fast like helicopter blades as they danced and I woke up.

I heard the names Phil and Ann Branford as I woke up.

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