Running the race

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Running the race

Post by Ediway on Mon May 11, 2009 3:51 am

Daer Mia and friends,
I greet you and thank you for this helpful and blessed site. thumbs
I'm following you for months ago and learning about dream interpretation. After your teachings I'm learning that I'm a seer.
I'm quite overwhelmed about all of this. As you said Mia, it impresses me how precise could be a dream, but as you said as well, it is better to confirm the meaning of a dream with others. Therefore I want to share with you the last one, because it was so vivid and my feellings are all moved, that I don't want to take the risk of misinterpreting or misunderstanding the real meaning. So I need your help.
I was running in a race with other women. I was so tired, almost to the point to give up and behind all. Suddenly my second air has come and it has given me new strenght and keeping me running; actually I won speed. Then I saw how I left behind my race fellows, they were weary and tired, almost fainting. As I arrive to get the goal, it was not a stadium but a sort of a giant auditorium filled with people to the top. However I didn't enter through the side gates, but through a superior access, and when I was appearing on scene the people was so enthusiastic cheering and joyfuly shouting. I was so moved and couldn't believe they were expecting me. Timidly I lift my arms as victory signal, and I felt like a fish in the water, so happy and very satisfied.
Then suddenly I was with my mother that appears not to be satisfied, and I was terribly sorry because I couldn't impress her not even with this great effort.

I know that Paul compares our christian life with a race, however I think this interpretation is not enough for me. Maybe I must relate this dream more with my personal experience. I live abroad, far from my land and family. I'm a christian writer, my ministery is quite new. It means a lot of work, patience and effort. Could you give me a guideline to understand this dream, and what intends God to tell me with it please?
I thank you!!

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Re: Running the race

Post by usemeLord on Mon May 11, 2009 6:15 am

My thoughts but I hope it to be holy spirit. Sounds like your ministry is going to be very good and satisfying for not only you but to many others. Take heart and do not be hurt if your mother is not on board with you, you are where God wants you. He is the only one who needs to be pleased with your work.

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