Dreams that SWITCH scenes.......

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Dreams that SWITCH scenes.......

Post by ELEGANT ANGEL on Sat May 09, 2009 8:23 am

I BELIEVE THAT GOD DEALS WITH ME IN DREAMS ALOT, BUT YOU KNOW HOW SOME DREAMS REALLY STAND OUT FROM OTHERS?! I had a dream that I walk into a building that appeared to be a hospital. As I walked alone, I began to search for some assistance. While walking I looked down at my stomach and notice that I was pregnant, but I apparently wasn't too far along because my stomach was kinda small. I continued to walk and proceeded into what look to be an office because I had yet to find anyone to assist me. Then when I walk into this office I saw someone in there, but I don't know if it was an employee or what. I then look down at my stomach again and it had gotten huge. All of a sudden I call out a "male friends" name and said "I'm in here"! This person was not with me at first. Then the dream switched sceens. I then I saw myself at the top of some stairs. I proceeded to walk down these stairs and saw a crowd of people walking around. I then notice the same "male friend" that I was calling for was in the crowd. He had his head down and there was spects of dirt on his face and on his clothes. I then grab his hand and began to pull him up the stairs. Thats the end of the dream.

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Re: Dreams that SWITCH scenes.......

Post by Guest on Sat May 09, 2009 6:43 pm

Well ,The lord is healing certain areas in your life at the same time he is breeding inside you faith..
That faith or seed is the one that is going to bring out the blessing of the Lord in your life..
Deep rooted inside that little seed is growing..at the right time..the fruits are going to be evident that you will have an opportunity to be a witness to someone close to you or very dear to you..that person still in the world, but thanks to the promise beign materialize in your life. Your testimony will be the key to rescue this soul..
When the Lord pressure us..
He is working in our lives just to display his glory ,so anyone that can see us will see Him too..Glory be to our Lord..
God is God over all..
Shalom my sister..


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