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Running in the night Empty Running in the night

Post by princessarielle12 on Mon Apr 27, 2009 10:27 am

2) I dreamed that I was running from a danger that I could not identify in the dream. I just know that my life was in danger and I was running away in an effort to save myself from dying. It was in the night. As I was running, I noticed a small house on a corner. I stopped and knocked at the door. It's a friend of mine who opened the door, amazed to see me there. She was well dressed and had make-up on her face. She told she was waiting for her husband but let me in. Once inside the small house, I started to explain to her what was going on. She led me in a small room and started putting make-up on my face. Then, she tried to draw a line on my elbow with a black liner. She kept on missing it and starting over and she got frustrated and stopped. She grabbed my hand and pulled me into another room, trying to find a place or a way to hide me. At that moment, I woke up. I have not been able to get that dream out of my mind.
3) I felt scared as if my very life was in danger. However, I felt secure when I saw Dona, my friend, in the house and she tried to help me. I was still afraid but the fear was reduced. I let myself being led by her. I trusted her to find the right thing to do.
4) No outcome. When I woke up, we were still searching a way to help me. I do not even know what the danger was but it felt like I could lose my life if I did not find a way out.
5) It was a scary situation where I felt out of control and relied on my friend to help me. My friend left what was very important to her (waiting on her husband she just got married in real life) to help me out!
6) It occurred in a place that I did not recognize. It was the night and the only thing I saw was the little house in a corner. There was light in it so it provided a little bit of light in the darkness around me.
7) The only persons in my dream were me and my friend.

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