Flight with seat 1309, chased by government

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Flight with seat 1309, chased by government

Post by Lori on Mon Apr 27, 2009 12:28 am

I had a long dream, but this is what I remember the most: I was getting onto a flight and looking for my seat, I thought my seat was 309, as I was looking for it I wasn't sure where it was and I checked the screen (a monitor screen on the wall) and saw my seat was 1309, when I got to the seat I looked at it to make sure it was 1309, my seat was by large glass counters that had jewlery in it (just like the kind you see in a jewely store) all lit up beautifully, and thought wow this was neat, but when I looked at my seat number on the arm of the chair which still red 1309, this time it was surrounded in an emblem (sp?), or a crest like that of USA goverment crest/logo w/the the eagle (like the military or goverments) the plate (which is the crest or logo, whatever you want to call it) was black with the seat #1309 in it, then I thought I gotta get out of here, I spent the rest of my dream being chased my men (like men who work for the governement) trying to kill me. I was w/one other person though I don't know who, I would constantly be hiding, in a wall, a closet, someone basement, switching cars, trying to get away from these people, towards the end of the dream they finally caught up w/me, I was hiding in a hole in a wall (kinda like if you got to an attic from a room), this women (young 30ish) was who I was facing, I realized no one else could see me and started to fly up past her, but she was the only one that could see me and was pointing to me to the others like get her, but they couldn't see me, as I floated passed her I felt a bit better about the whole thing and kept thinking if I keep believeing they can't seem me then they won't then I woke up.

I'm figuring the #1309 means something, not sure what or where to look, but I saw the number in the dream several times as you can tell. I'm not good at understanding my dreams, but would like some input what you think!

Thank you - be blesssed!
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