Courage Dream and Internal changes for friend

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Courage Dream and Internal changes for friend

Post by angelwingz on Fri Apr 24, 2009 12:15 pm

Ok This is different. I never dreamed this way before but here it is......... I see my best friend standing against a wall (she cant se me, i am just an observer) I can hear her within herself ..talking within herself asking how she was going to be able to do this. (in my mind i automatically knew it was a dance recital that she was to dance with her neice and in costume) As my friend leaned up against this white wall her thoughts were am I going to do this, well, i have to, i have to do this, she was weary and scared and seemed to be trying to gather strength from up above.....She knew she had to do it and she did. When she went on stage the folks(women) in the audience were laughing and pointing at her(i believe its because shes overweight) then i POPPED into a different scene and I see my best friend on top of a balcony that was pretty high up. She was just relaxing looking at the lights in the night time with a beautiful breeze in the air and then I noticed she was very thin with a dark burgundy shirt on. I knew something had changed on the inside. But i also felt something might be not comfortable with the dark burgundy shirt.....thats it.... any thoughts??
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