Old Church calling for a meeting, new church calling for Prayer

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Old Church calling for a meeting, new church calling for Prayer

Post by Mvuyi on Wed Apr 22, 2009 11:43 am

I dreamed that a male friend (I will call him XY in this email), called me for 2days consecutively. On the 2nd day, he asks me if he can only call me once a day between 10:30pm and 00:00 in order to save costs since he is in a distant province. I agreed to that.
After that XY informs me that our previous church wants to see him. Just immediately after that, one elder from the previous church called me for a 20minute meeting. On the way to that meeting, I get a call from my current church saying that the Lead intercessors want to see me. So they want me to arrive quickly at my home fellowship leaderís house. I turned and quickly went there. When I arrive, I found the pastors and heads of departments/ministries and two female lead intercessors sitting aorund the table. I felt so shy to be among such great people such that I covered my face with my hands. The intercessors said they wanted to introduce me to the Pastors. Then they said let us go to the prayer. I asked if they can allow me to attend the 20minutes meeting first. Then I left. On the way to the meeting at my old church, I got lost. I could not find the venue where we were supposed to meet. And seemingly, some gentleman that was sent to come fetch me went somewhere else, and got lost and left me behind. I remember seeing his car going the other way.

XY on the other hand was saying he wants us to quickly get married before October. In the dream, I was kind of knowing that he is afraid that they might ban him from our previous church because when I left the Pastors had loved me so much, and were disappointed by my decision. Right then in the dream, I recalled the word I was given by another Prophet, where he said that in my life things will change around October, they will take a new turn.

I hope that you will help me get a meaning of this long dream.


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