dream is coming true

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dream is coming true

Post by ThisIsSparta on Fri Apr 17, 2009 7:18 pm

in the dream, my car was unavailable for some reason but i still felt like i had to pick up these 2 people.

one is my former girlfriend, the other is a friend of hers. both left a mark on me in some way.

the dream was very emotionally turbulent, especially between the two it seemed.

at one point, i was driving a rusty/reddish big wheeled 4x4 pick up truck.

the 2 girls were the passengers.

at first, it was hard to control.

by the end of the dream, we ended up at the grocery store.

in real life, i keep racking my brain over this...it's not exciting or even fruitful for that matter.

i can't tell which path to take...or just which one i'm on.
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