Steps made into leg braces

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Steps made into leg braces

Post by angelwingz on Mon Apr 13, 2009 3:55 pm

I was with(invited) with a group of Christians seem to be all was a small group....we were all going somewhere like an
outing which seem to turn out to be a mission? anyway in order to get
to where we needed to go I had to go down these steps...(the whole
group did) dan (my hubby)was already down there watching me(on
bleachers) and cheering me on like you can do it!!!! i had to put my
legs in these leg braces only they were leg braces on steps and in
order to get down them you had to put your leg and fit it in the leg
brace which was not easy!!! by no means was this a simple task! as I
put my left leg in a brace i started to fall forward, lost my balance
and and thought this is going to be IMPOSSIBLE!!! just then i noticed a
woman who was helping me walk he held onto me, i received assistance.
as I was taking my first steps i noticed what was being built, STRENGTH
and BALANCE is what was needed to walk. Everyone else was going so
quick!!!! not me tho,lol - but i was doing it and it was so hard and i
really feel this part of the dream is preparing me for whats upcoming,
He will build strength and balance. Anyway, i managed to get down it
got easier and going back up the steps was much much easier.

In my dream when i first started to try to walk i felt it was
impossible but then with strength(Gods) i could do it. the biggest
thing that stands out in my dream was planting my feet in these leg
braces and learning to walk with strength and balance. also these other
Christian women i feel were angels......i dont know why i just do. at least i knew they worked for God.
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Re: Steps made into leg braces

Post by Jodi on Mon Apr 13, 2009 4:09 pm

I love it that He gave you the understanding of the dream too! Thank You God for helping angelwings develop strength and balance for what is coming next! - very cool dream thumbs


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