A White Tiger Dream

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A White Tiger Dream

Post by WomanofPurpose on Mon Apr 13, 2009 10:12 am

I dreamed that I was high on the mountain top somewhere and my baby boy along with another baby was playing on land where I can see them. Snow was everywhere but it wasn't snowing, it's as if I was getting something that dealth with water. All of a sudden a white tiger started to approach me like he wanted to attack. My dream went into another dream where I saw faces of men who wanted to have intercourse, and I was refusing. Immediately I knew that was Incubus and I rebuked the dream.

Can someone intrepet a white tiger dream?


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Re: A White Tiger Dream

Post by ThisIsSparta on Wed Apr 15, 2009 9:44 pm


from what you said at the end about the "incubus and rebuking the dream" it seems you already know what the tiger represents.
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Re: A White Tiger Dream

Post by Guest on Fri Apr 17, 2009 6:48 am

that was an evil spirit....the color indicates that this devil assignment is relate to the second part of your dream...
someone very close to you that is but is not..kind..a deceiver in other words..
sometime the Devil use someone close tous..Pray with all your might for protection Do not lean on your streght this is a well stage attack ...
Let me share my testimony with you about a dream like that I had a year ago..at that time I was leaving with my wife of 12 years before I got divorced last year..
I dream one day that I was outside of my house with my wife in the back and all of the sudden a black Panther Came out from the basement towards me..ready to attacked me...
I had in my hand a long Stick or branch that was the only thing preventing me for this animal to tear me apart..
The animal could not do anything to me..because of the long stick in my hand..however because could not do anything to me I saw the animal run into my wifes body...
Day after My wife got up from bed beign another person in short time she wanted divorced me and it was like a nigthmare to me..
Until recently is that all the pieces of the puzzle has been put together..
I struggled a lot trying to understand this but you got the Discerment right you rebuked it..
So in my understanding the assigment has been cancelled but be aware of the strategy...
pray and fast...
and God Bless you....


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Re: A White Tiger Dream

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