totally white hotel room with almost no furnishings

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totally white hotel room with almost no furnishings

Post by Jodi on Fri Apr 10, 2009 12:42 pm

Here's what I think these things mean in the context of this dream:
white = purity
hotel room = transitional place (You don't live there.)
age changes = periods of maturity levels
man = Jesus

bed = resting in Jesus/ commitment to Jesus. Sleeping on floor and then in the bed reminds me of Ruth sleeping at Boaz's feet before they were married

window = prophetic seeing into what the mom was sad about

counter = barrier, but it also was the place where the berries were and where I placed them to give to her, so it was also maybe like a bridge between us/ connecting us?

Hispanic family, especially mom = opportunity to minister to her sadness, but does it mean something more too? Why a Hispanic family? I've been to Mexico on a missions trip, but it had nothing to do with farm workers.

red raspberries = ? I didn't know how to really help, so I gave her the berries that reminded her of her son. I didn't hand her a plane ticket to go see her son, just the berries that gave her a bittersweet feeling of a remote connection to her son. It seems like a distant way to help because I didn't hand the berries directly to her, but placed them for her to pick up. Why didn't I place them into her hand? This seems like well-intentioned, but very ineffective ministry.

Does any of my interpretations seem off to you? Do you see something that I have overlooked? Do you see something in a different light than what I described?

I was traveling with a friend. We are both young women and we had been on some adventure. We needed rest before traveling the rest of the way home, so we stopped at a hotel. (We were in our twenties, but IRL I'm in my forties.) We entered a hotel room and the first room was empty. The walls, carpet, and everything else was totally white. I could see into the next room because it had no door, just an arched opening. There was a big white bed in that room and a man sleeping in it. We slept on the floor in the first room so as not to disturb the sleeping man. I was not afraid of him. I knew he would not harm us.

When I awoke, my friend was gone. (It was not as if she had abandoned me. It was as if she just disappeared from the dream.) The man standing next to the bed. I knew he was offering me rest - that I could lie down in the bed and it would be OK. It wasn't sexual propositioning; it was an offer of rest. I slept next to him and awoke when he was getting out of the bed in the morning. (Now I am older, in my forties.)

I followed him as he went into the kitchen, thinking I could help fix breakfast. There was a Hispanic family standing in the kitchen on the other side of a counter. (At this point, the man disappeared from the dream, but I think I sensed him still being there - just not visible.) The counter was between us. I saw some red raspberries on the counter and picked them up to rinse them. The scene shifted to a close up view of the berries and then back to a more normal size. I then noticed a look of longing on the mother's face as she stared at the berries and then out of the kitchen window. I followed her gaze and looked through the window. I could see a supernatural distance into another country far away. I saw a field with farm workers picking berries. The mom was thinking of the berries as a connection to this son of hers who was far away picking berries. She was sad about being so far away from him and maybe even worried that she would never see him again. I put the berries down on the counter fro her to pick up. She picked them up lovingly. The rest of the family was gathered around her, but the focus was always on the mom. (I am still forty-ish.) I woke up.

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