Dave Matthews, Cold Medicine and a Tree

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Dave Matthews, Cold Medicine and a Tree

Post by snikwhite on Tue Apr 07, 2009 9:41 pm

I had this dream last night and it has stuck with me all day. Some bit I have some clarity on, though most of it I am unsure of. Any input is greatly appreciated.

I was in church and it was the senior pastor's first service back. I was on the second row with some of my close and trusted friends. the pastor was speaking and was in front of us on the floor, not on the stage. When he said something, a woman i was seated near jumped up and got right in his face and called him a "deceitful bastard" (sorry about the language!!) and started a rant that became incoherent. The other girls in the row all leaned in towards me and we prayed but heard no audible sounds from the confrontation that was taking place.

We left right after that and got into an old Jimmy that had wood paneling on the sides. My worship leader was driving, I was in the passenger seat and everyone else was in the back, first we went to a movie, we were all in the theater but not sitting
together, scattered throughout the room, not watching the movie, just doing our own thing, but eventually all met back up in the lobby. We got back into the car and went down the road and turned into an amphitheater where Dave Matthews band was playing a show later that night. I saw someone come out the door and it was Dave Matthews, I said hi from the window and he came up to me and started talking.

His hand was messed up and I asked what happened, he said he had broken his finger. He held up his hand, and his middle finger was bruised and set back like it was broken at the bottom knuckle, the finger itself fell behind the other four on his
hand, very dark bruising. He noticed that I wasn't feeling well and asked if he could get me something. He got in the car and we headed to the grocery store. Dave Matthews and I went to the cold remedies where he bought me some cold medicine, soda, and a gallon of milk. We went to the checkout where we were just talking, discussing music, writing etc when people started realizing who was in the store, people started pushing their way towards him and pushed me out of the way. He dealt
with them for a few minutes, found his way back to me and took me by the hand and we walked outside. we found a tree on top of a hill, and climbed up where we continued talking about writing and music. he said something that i cannot remember and he flashed a picture in front of my face of his hand outlined in red with the finger broken and the words next to it BrokenHand Productions. It was at that point that I woke up.

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Re: Dave Matthews, Cold Medicine and a Tree

Post by Jodi on Fri Apr 10, 2009 8:41 pm

“The pastor was in front of us on the floor, not on the stage.” He was not elevated in the eyes of the congregation anymore.

The woman’s (church’s?) anger led her to lose control of even her speech (careless words). In telling him off, she starts not making any sense either. This would hinder her (church’s) effectiveness in witnessing to those who are watching how she will handle the situation. Her (Body of Christ’s) words should be the Word of God. The pastor should be addressed in a Christian manner by the body of Christ, not because his actions were OK, but because that’s what the Body of Christ is called to do at all times and in all (especially adverse) situations.

Your friends and you leaned in towards each other - instead of forward to try to hear more of the tirade, which is what a gossiper or spectator would have done.

You prayed - You are not alone in your spiritual warfare for your church. It seems that God is showing you who else is praying too.

You and your friends heard no sounds from the confrontation. Maybe this is “Hear no evil” and it means that you’re refusing to listen to the gossip that’s going on about the situation.

You left the scene of the confrontation.
Your worship leader was driving (in control).
You were in the passenger seat (not in control, but in a position to talk with the leader)
Everyone else was in the back (not in control, not in the best position to talk with the leader or you)

At the movie, you were in the same room, but scattered and not interacting with each other or with the movie. - This seems unlike the divisiveness of anger. It’s more the division that happens when everyone retreats emotionally and isolates themselves.

“Eventually all met back up in the lobby.” This sounds like the group will be re-gathered and unity can be restored to the group. You also keep traveling together to the next event.

The part about Dave Matthews could be about wanting to be recognized by someone who
already is known for doing what you are called to do - writing and music. “His hand was messed up....His middle finger was bruised and set back like it was broken at the bottom knuckle....He flashed a picture in front of my face of his hand outlined in red with the finger broken and the words next to it BrokenHand Productions.” The hand can represent our deeds, because we tend to use our hands to do most things. Does it feel like your ability to do writing and music is broken and needing mended because of the upheaval your part of the Body of Christ is going through right now? If so, be encouraged by this: Broken bones do mend.


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