Seeking Answers - MANIFESTATION

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Seeking Answers - MANIFESTATION

Post by snikwhite on Tue Apr 07, 2009 9:29 pm

It's been a long time since I've posted anything...for no other reason than I'd simply stopped dreaming. To rationalize the lack of dreams, I decided that I had simply had some bad chinese food when I'd had these dreams, until God spoke to me recently and told me that I had not stopped dreaming, I'd stopped paying them any mind. Thank God for His grace and mercy that sustains. On September 10th, 2008, I'd posted a dream that I'd had that was very vivid and quite disturbing to me called "seeking answers" I received an interpretation through my own research, prayer and assistance from you all here. Sadly, this dream has made itself manifest.

In the dream, I witnessed a woman being bound and brutalized by a man. She could only see his fleshly self, but I could see the being controlling the man. As the woman (church body) looks to man (who is the enemy in disguise), they have allowed themselves to be bound to that man. The
body has allowed the man to have their way with them, being ignorant to
the depth of the attack that they were under. For while the church
looked to the men around them, they have allowed themselves to become
impregnated with the vanity and conceit of those men. The body is bound
by these men, and not seeing the actual damage that they have been
caused, they walk in a stupor ignorant of their wounds.

The manifestation of this dream has taken place over the course of months at my church home. Our senior pastor has fallen into an adulterous relationship with the youth pastor's wife, triggering a downward spiral that has left some seeking God on how to face another moment, let alone another day. There is so much that has taken place because of this, broken confidences, a church and school devastated, people broken - running from God, because they were looking to a man instead of to God and have been let down when they realized the wounds they feel are real. Manipulation from the pulpit to try and excuse away behavior, twisting the Word of God to justify wrong action. Private counseling sessions between church members and the pastoral staff being made public and worse, mocked, judged and spread throughout the church leaders. Please be in much prayer for our church body, and the board as decisions are made in the coming days and weeks. Pray for the new believers, who don't know what has taken place, that they not be steered off course. Likewise, for the leadership that has fallen, that they are restored. That they are brought back under His covering, and that we, as a body, are obidient to His word and place LOVE above ALL things and forgive and allow healing to flow in this place.

Wish I had more of a cheery report on this dream, but I knew when it came it could not end well...I only wished I was wrong.
God Bless!

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Re: Seeking Answers - MANIFESTATION

Post by Jodi on Fri Apr 10, 2009 6:31 pm


I am so sorry to hear of this. I have prayed for your part of the Body of Christ - the new believers as well as the leadership. I have a friend who is led to pray for churches. I have sent her a copy of this post and asked her to add yours to her list of churches she prays for.


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