Youth Pastor/Decorating

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Youth Pastor/Decorating

Post by amandamckie on Tue Apr 07, 2009 12:49 am

I had this dream last night. I dreamt my husband and I were going out for a meal and had to get ready. As we walked to the house, I noticed that our Youth Pastor was in our bedroom, I asked my husband what is he doing there? He said just decorating/d.i.y. I seemed to be in a hurry to get ready for going out for the meal and was concerned that I would have to go into the bedroom and get my clothes and makeup etc. But I did go in and he had moved my clothes out of my wardrobe, I asked him where they were and he just said over there. Whilst getting ready I was finding it hard to put on my facecream as it wouldn't rub in easily. My thoughts were I was anxious about what the Youth Pastor was thinking and also that I was actually still getting ready and it was about a minute to the time the meal was booked, which incidentally was 7.30pm. Would love some help on this? Incidentally the room was large and had a very high ceiling.

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