REPOST--Church Function

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REPOST--Church Function

Post by Delaine on Mon Sep 01, 2008 7:59 pm

Please pray with me regarding the interpretation of this. Thank you!

A female friend and I were at a church function. My pastor's wife was also there. One of her daughter's was up front directly in her line of vision. There was a commotion, and several young people were taken out. One of them was the pastor's son. My pastor's wife was so embarrassed because her son was part of the upheaval and had to be taken out. She gathered her children and rushed out. Sometime prior to this the pastor's wife told me that I should wear a dress instead of the pants that I wore. It appeared I was to take part of some kind of ceremony (I felt like it could have been a renewal of some sort).

My friend and I got up to go get changed. Everything was flooded to the point that we had to wade water. It was not frightening. When we got to our destination, a friend and former church member was sitting as if she was waiting for us to return. I then ran into my pastor, and I related to him what his wife said to be regarding the dress. He appeared to just smile. I then went to get the dress, which I had already ironed (I think it was lavender), but it was in deeper flood waters to the point that I could only make out the hanger. I said to the pastor, "I guess I'd better dry off so I can wear these pants".

End of dream

I would really appreciate your prayerful interpretations!

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Re: REPOST--Church Function

Post by daphanie02 on Tue Sep 02, 2008 7:12 pm

i will pray about this one. please repost if its been a while and you havent gotten any responces.
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