Hello some dreams and visions

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Hello some dreams and visions

Post by paulac98cal@yahoo.com on Fri Mar 27, 2009 4:32 am

Hello I am new to group and don't know you all, nor you me.
I get visions and dreams but do not get interpreations well. So I am wondering wether you could help in this. Its mainly the dreams I am having problems with. Its to do with a country and it was triggered because I beleive I hit a cord with God thats in his heart for this nation and the Body at large there.. blessigns and thank you if you are able to help.. lol! love these smiles

Two dreams and a vision: 14 March 2009

Dream 1:

I kept waking up and each time I slept a caterpillar was growing until it was full blown at the end the words came "mega Jena"

Dream 2:

I dreamt of picking up lawn mowers from the side of the road like in the organics where people put stuff out on the side of the road and anyone can go and pick it up. Men were mowing there lawns and putting there lawn mowers out to be picked up. The lawn mowers were partly copper and antique.


I saw a vision of a huge green bowl moving htrough the air on its own.. it was dark green, it reminded me of the hand of God moving.. like in the scripture Tene Mekel how it was written on the wall by a unseen force in the book of Daniel... It was like a schulpture found in the botanical gardens or coastal ares that the councils put out of local artists to pretty the raodsides and the back ground was a garden - a large botanical garden.. it moved and then turned as to pour out and it stopped..

Being familiar of God's judgements I quickly repented and as I did this the dreams fell away and only the vision of the bowl remained.


shortly after this another vision came was very quick. It was like a bueatiful kingdom with vid colors like in a playstation game.. purples and yellows and I was flying across the city in the air like through it. I didn't understand it - it reminded me of the city of lights...

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Re: Hello some dreams and visions

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 16, 2009 5:28 am

"mega Jena"
Grand in the Clouds or sweetness in the clouds.
The caterpillar after the process always turn to be a beautiful butterfly.
Able to fly with grace and beauty.


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