Fish dreams

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Fish dreams

Post by Believer on Wed Mar 25, 2009 6:14 pm

Will someone please interpet? A little while back, I dreamed I was parked in a small car with a white woman, she kinda looked like a person that looked like a drug addict. She was in the driver;s seat and I was on the passenger side of a small red car. As I was sitting in the car with the woman talking, a man in a dark blue pick up truck, a white, o lder man, brought me a pick up truck full of small fish. The entire back cab of his pick up truck was full of small fish. THese fish were so healthy looking and beautiful. I knew that I wasnt suppose to eat these because they were sooooo many. I turn to the woman in the car sitting next to me and asked her if she wanted some and she said no, but I still gave her like two of them- I didnt rememeber seeing the man after he had given me the fish. THen I woke up.

Side note: We were in a Hess parking lot. Next to a church I attend every so often. Also, what does it mean when family memebers of a guy friend of mine tells him that they dream of seeing me pregnant. Its not possible, apart from a miracle,for me to get pregnant. Just wondering........
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Re: Fish dreams

Post by ThisIsSparta on Thu Mar 26, 2009 5:46 am

that is a good dream.

the various automobiles(car, truck, etc...) in your dream represent the way you go about your life, the way/methodology that you utilize to achieve your goals, etc...

a vehicle represents YOUR LIFE in motion...your day to day experience and where you're going with yourself.

the vehicles could also represent MINISTRY...different vehicles would represent different types of ministries

the fish could represent people...the phrase "fisher of men" should come to mind here...if you believe in Jesus.

the fish COULD also represent prosperity/blessings/resources too.

the woman you were with could be or represent someone you know, someone you could meet in the future.

parking lots represent your life AT A STANDSTILL(obviously).

if your vehicle represents YOUR LIFE IN MOTION, then a parking lot would mean the exact opposite.

see if you can put all of this together in a way that illustrates a SIMILAR situation going on in your life right now...if NOTHING remotely close to this dream is happening in your life right now, wait and see what happens in the future.

there's alot going on in this one small dream.

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