Eyes? (Vision from God)

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Eyes? (Vision from God)

Post by Vile on Mon Mar 23, 2009 7:06 am

Okay, is it common to have physical side effects from a vision?

I had a loooong vision, but the moment I started wiping the black makeup from someone's eyes, the lights in the Church started to go nuts. I laid on my back and continued in prayer, but the friend I had in the vision had strange contacts on and I wanted to see his real eyes, so I placed my fingers on his eyelids similar to how a person places his fingers on a dead body's eyelids to close their eyes and when they opened, his eyes were white...

... but that's when the ceiling lights shot on ONLY in the back of the Chuch where I was and burned my own eyes like I was snowblinded... I was shouting in the Church the pain was so intense. My eyes were cramped and in pain for a good half an hour. I told my pastor about it and he said start praying for the friend in the vision BIG TIME and send him an e-mail showing you care... and tell him what happens after that.

When I went on Chat to the mutual friend of ours (who is Christian, the friend is not) he said he had called my friend on Thursday after I told him to pray for him with me.

Something is really important with the eyes in this context. I'd like some enlightenment on this.

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Re: Eyes? (Vision from God)

Post by butterfly on Wed Apr 22, 2009 7:02 am

I had a dream about someone with full white eyes and it pointed to a demonic situation. Do you know if the friend whose eyes turned white watches a lot of horror movies or have been messing around with the occult. If so that could be an explanation why you saw his eyes completely white.

My advice is to ask one of the moderators directly about this entire experience.
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