Signs and wonders

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Signs and wonders

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First of all, I saw myself at a beach---beautiful bright blue water and white sand. I got in the water carrying Kristin as a small child---I had her in front of me, holding her in my arms—we drifted off in the water whose current took us along and we came to a section that turned as if at a corner and I saw that it went to a beach cove----I saw the white sand and the water coming up to the shore. As I look away from that onto my left, I saw the large expanse of ocean out in the other direction with somewhat of a wave (not large at all), however, as I look in the nearby distance, I saw a hammerhead shark coming toward us. I remember yelling at it as if to scare it away and I placed my left hand out as if to scare it away with a wave of the hand as I continued to carry Kristin in my right arm in front of me. The hammerhead shark approached me swimming smoothly without “an attack” like manner and as he got close to me, I maneuvered it underneath me and Kristin and I remained afloat on top of it—safely—nothing happened to us. I vaguely remember someone coming to get us because I remember saying to someone---look I stayed afloat on top of it and it didn’t do any harm to us.

Then I was at a gathering of people and there were separate large rooms as if in a convention center and one room has a gathering with an event and then another room with another gathering and event. I saw myself in one section---I was intrigued as to what was happening in the room and when I entered, I saw Jesse Duplantis preaching miracles---he had a man laying on a gurney or bed or something flat like that---the man was covered and as Jesse Duplantis went to uncover him to show people that the man was going to be resurrected, I noticed that the man’s eyes were open and just before Jesse lifted the white sheet off of him, his eyes quickly closed as Jesse signaled him. I remember saying----how false was that! He didn’t perform a miracle, he staged the whole thing. Then I walked away to the next gathering.

This gathering was a church service with lots of black people. They were expecting a well known preacher to come and preach and I was excited to finally get to see a real preacher--his name was L. P. Evans---I saw people kept coming and coming but as the people came, a group of “leaders” were bringing in two people to be “judged” if you will. These leaders were not very nice to these two people---they were pulling and tugging at them as if ready to bring judgment upon them. I didn’t like the attitude of the people and I walked away back to the direction of where Jesse Duplantis had been.

When I approached the area, I saw Jesse at a distance, and two young teen girls approached me—one said to me in a mean way with an ugly “demonic-like” face that I was not following the right people because Joyce Meyer was from the devil! I tried to explain to her that she wasn’t but as I am about to speak, I saw the group of people holding the other two people that were to be judged in the prior gathering being pulled away harshly and one leader signaled to me that it was (the harshness toward them) because it was a bi-racial couple---she was half white/half black---I didn’t really see a black and a white---I saw the lady and remember seeing her as “mulatto.” But as they moved on, I looked and Jesse Duplantis came over to me and sort of took me by the elbow and we walked away together as he whispered to me what had happened. He explained that it was not fake what he had done but that it was truly a miracle and I saw myself understanding and accepting his explanation and believing him, even though I don’t clearly remember what he said. I remember seeing his face and mine and we were of one accord and I seemed to be pleased and at ease now that I understood. He also told me that the other people were the ones that were lying to me and trying to convince me otherwise. I know that I felt scared with the other people, but I felt comfortable and at ease with Jesse Duplantis at this point. I woke up.
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