A car accident & my ex on drugs???

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A car accident & my ex on drugs???

Post by Boscoe Jenkins on Tue Mar 17, 2009 12:55 pm

blessings to eveyone I hope you're all doing well huggins

I am deeply troubled by a dream I had this morning. I was walking down a street and I walked past this house. There were people outside and inside the mood was sad & eveyone was crying. I noticed my friend patrick's mother & brother were sitting outside. I asked them what happend and his mother told me that Patrick had died. At first, I thought it was in the middle east because he's in the army but I remember that he has'nt been deployed yet...the people there was saying that he was killed in a car accident. I walked through the house people were talking, and some were laughing about the things he did lol...I stopped at a picture of him & I felt this unusual prescence around me then I heard patricks voice..He told me that his body was ok but it was his head that killed him it was a blow to his head. he showed me the street he was on..He was speeding & could'nt stop the car & he hit the car in front of him which damaged the front of his car. His body & his head hit the steering weel, & the air bag never released...Had the air bag released he would have lived..then he he left, i tried to tell the people there about it but they did'nt believe me. I could still feel him in the room so I told him he could visit anytime i'm always around since I was only one who could hear him.. praying praying thinking

Then I had another dream that I was at my ex's house & there was this party taking place. he was drinking something & then he looked at me.. He looked as if he did'nt know me and at the same time he looked like he was sick... I said his name and I asked him he was on drugs he did'nt talk out loud but I could hear his thoughts he said he was on codine a.k.a. syrup(its liquid codine mixed with cough syrup) I took his face in my hands and told him to look at me he was having trouble focusing... he slid down the wall behind him and sat down I was still talking to him trying to keep him alert..everyone at the party was acting like things were ok, like nothing happend...
thinking praying

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Re: A car accident & my ex on drugs???

Post by pwilso512 on Tue Mar 17, 2009 7:53 pm

This is not an interpretation. But I feel that you should pray for your friend and ex. I'm not sure if these dreams are literal, but plead the blood of Jesus over them, and ask for God's divine protection over them. Whenever I have a dream about someone close to me dying, it's usually a call to pray for them. Your prayer can prevent things from happening to them.

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