mixed friends school n colle

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mixed friends school n colle

Post by danny on Mon Mar 16, 2009 7:21 pm

i had dream showing a class room with students on benches in a circle. i saw it was full, there were only 3 faces i could recognise all of them my school mates and in reality i dont know where they are and what are they doing. our school principle came for an inspection. one of my school friend(irl) was sleeping on table flat. she asked why are you sleeping here and she woke him up , he answered hes seriously sick and went back to sleep. she asked us to ive him some milk we told her we couldnt et milk but we ave him coffe, and we were made in to two groups and each have to ask questions to the other. first was our turn 2 girls stood up and they asked 2 questions i was thinking i dont know the answers for wat they asked(irl it was subject i studied in college not in school) next i see one of these girls walking to the other group and i noticed that she was wearing very transperent clothes(in real life shes a muslim).then my turn came to ask my teacher told me n my partner to ask 2 questions and he told us what to ask my friend replied no i am asking what i want he wasnt listening and my teacher came sat in our bench and was talking to him. i was seeing outside through the window and i saw some students there all were watching the show like. i said i will tell the teacher. i said it thinking they will get scared ( the faces i could see were my friends in college in reality till now in class were school mates ). i saw my friend in college smiling he was wearing spectacles but it didnt have one lass .suddenly i saw there the girl whom i like also came there even in dream it made me very happy. she was wearing very faint orange top and bottom cotton ones she was searching something in the grass there. i was looking at her thinking she will turn and i can see her but i saw some thin very personal about her in the shadow no body could see it i was very happy that only i could see it and nobody even knows about it.( in reality shes a muslim and broke off from me 2 years back. i still love her and pray lord will show her a direction and make her a believer and bring her back to me). please try to interpret this strane dream . ThANK YOU FOR YOUR hELP.

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