dream about enemy stealing food and destroying homes

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dream about enemy stealing food and destroying homes

Post by usemeLord on Mon Mar 16, 2009 6:18 am

I was with a friend named Tessie at school. She had marijuana which I was surprised that she would do that and or bring to school. I didn't want the teacher to see it so I wrapped it up, put in in her backpack. Next thing I was at her home in Alaska with her parents. All of a sudden I see lots of helicopters coming and I know it's the enemy (China, I believe). I see them destroying everything in the homes of people. They are smashing everything, not hurting people but not leaving anything left in the house untouched. I also know that they are taking food for themselves. I tell the parents and Tessie we need to get to the back window and run. As we got there I see the house is surrounded by people, and we couldn't do that. So now we decide to find places to hide canned food for later and we don't starve. We find a place under the base boards and I know we could put some in the attic under the insulation. End of dream.

I know God uses peoples names as the meaning of the dream and Tessie means harvest.

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