Pregnency dream: half of a faint line???

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Pregnency dream: half of a faint line???

Post by Boscoe Jenkins on Sun Mar 15, 2009 7:03 pm

I had a dream that I was with my mother, her friend cat(who has passed away) & her daughter valarie. they moved into my best friends house but she was'nt there. Then there was this woman who was there & she was taking a pregency test it was her third time taking the test & it came back positive like the first two....I decided to take a test too, I was feeling a little funny so I asked her to give me one. She had a 15 pck of pregnency tests how she got that i'll never know lol. I took mine & it came back with two lines, then the line faded into a faint I threw it away, my moms friend, & daughter knew i was pregnant just by looking at me, i did'nt mention a word to them about it at all..I went back & got the pregnency test when I looked at it again, the second line was now half of a line. I do not understand that part. I remember reading this pregnency book that I have, does'nt matter if there is a faint line still means that i'm pregnant( I have the book in real life.) i dropped the test & went home to tell my boyfriend the good news. I was'nt afraid of the outcome I knew that me, him, & the baby were going to be ok....(My best friend had a dream that I was pregnant about a month ago IRL!) ☕
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