dream of being married, pregnant and missing my flight

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dream of being married, pregnant and missing my flight

Post by thinking on Thu Mar 12, 2009 6:12 pm

in real life i am a single person, but this was my dream:

i dreamt that some of my luggage was missing. it was dark green. i had to wait for ages and ages by one of those machine things to get my lost luggage. then i saw my old high school principle and landed up going to a class taught by her, except that it was in my primary school hall.

then someone reminds me that i have a flight to catch. the time then was about 12:33. i say goodbye to one or two people on my way outside. outside my friend says that someone else says that i look pregnant from certain angles. and i respond by saying that i am pregnant and that this is fine because i'm married. and my friend was like "you're married??". and i look down at my left hand which has a simple silver band and i'm like "this ring means i'm married." i have no idea who my spouse was in the dream. then we pass through the school office and the secretary tells us that the shuttle will be outside to take us to the airport. and we go into the street and there it is. and my friend tries to run but neither of us can get to it in time and soon its disappeared. and i realise that my flight is in half an hour and the airport is two hours away and that the taxi is not even there and that i've missed my flight. and i just remember standing in the dust and feeling so hopeless and stressed.

please help me interpret this dream. :angel:

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