Strange Visit at the hospital

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Strange Visit at the hospital

Post by Desiree (Starpop) on Tue Mar 10, 2009 4:05 pm

This dream seemed TOO SYMBOLIC to me. Let me know what you think! Thanks!

At a hospital in an upper level tower at night. My family (mother and siblings) were in this big waiting room just talking and fellowshipping with other patients. My siblings kept telling me to call this certain coworker of mine (who IRL is a manager at my former job). I kept putting it off saying that "I would call later". I didn't think any more about it. Moments later, I see him (the coworker) rollling up into the hospital in a wheelchair! His leg appeared to be in a brace. In the dream this was supposed to be him (had same facial features), but he looked much different in the dream (he seemed tall and lost weight; IRL he is big). His parents walked in right before him--his mother leading the way. He followed me to the hospital?!! AND he brought his parents with him so I couldn't hide?!! (IRL, I've never seen his parents nor know what they look like). His mother had a short hair cut, broad shoulders, glasses, and a green shirt. She looked intimidating. I thought, "He must REALLY like me because he wanted me to talk to his parents!" I felt like this guy was "stalking" me. His mom seemed concerned about me and her son (I guess my influence/effect/impression on him). We sat down on this couch (she facing me as if it was an interview). she looked questionable and said, "I heard that you were selfish." I noticed my mom sitting on another couch across the room from me. I knew she was looking to see "how I would respond to the accusations". I wanted my mom to be impressed by how I was going to "handle this situation." I wanted her to see how this guys parents' would accept me.

I told my coworker's mom, "I'm not selfish, just low tolerance. I don't settle for less." We begin talking about Jesus and I said, "I want to please him in all that I do and I love him more than anything or anyone. He's my first priority." All of a sudden this woman's countenance changed and she seemed more relaxed (I don't know what preconceived notion she had of me beforehand, but now she was different). I remember having on a sweater at this point. The woman and her husband were about to leave (I guess she was satisfied with my answers) and she got up and hugged me close. She then began to pray for me with great intensity in her face and words. (While she prayed, she placed her hand on my stomach). I saw my coworker in his wheel chair smiling. The father was "on stand by"lol. I turned to my coworker and saw a blue piece of paper in his hand that looked like it was used for something else and someone had written on the back of it (blank side). It also looked like it was ripped from something. I realized the hand writing was mine! The paper had names of people, employees, etc on it all characterized by numbers, personal info and boy/girl groups). At first I was surprised at what I saw and said, "Where did you get that?" He said "someone at work had made a copy of it" for him. I knew this was a lie because it had belonged to me, so how could someone else get that information unless it was through me? I said, "I didn't give anyone a copy of this personal information." I wasn't even mad that he had the information.

My protective instincts kicked in and I saw red flags. My coworker was Researching me and knew information about things because he read what I had written! I quickly left his presence and he motioned for me to write down something for him (ie he pretended to write in the air). I said, "no". He was disappointed and said, "that's really messed up" (ie: as to say it was unfair or "mean" for me not to give in to his advances). I didnt want to call him. I started walking up some flights of stairs (he on ground level but watching me with his eyes), thinking he would follow (even in his wheelchair!lol) Eventually he left with his parents. I tried to find another outlet to get out of the hospital but each exit door was red with "brail-like" writing on them! I was stuck! Groups of people were in every room. There was no where to go!
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