someone stoling my older daughter

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someone stoling my older daughter

Post by Nina on Tue Mar 10, 2009 12:03 am

Here is another wonderful dream of mine.
I was sleeping in my bed and with my husband. Someone came( a white man very skinny and looking sick) stole my older daughter. I told my husband and started running after him. We found him in old house fullof mud with lots of windows.He tried to escape by a window. My girl came out by a door and i grabbed her. My husband didn't want me to take her back.But i took her anyway. then I went after the guy. He was very skinny and unwealthy. I took him and tied his hand. While bringing him to the police station? I found police officers told them what happened and went with them and told him keep him and not taking him out for I will sue him. I said that to the inspector that is actually one of my pastor in the church that has a ministry of deliverance.
Thank you for helping
God bless
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