Possible Manifestation: White Mercedes Van

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Possible Manifestation: White Mercedes Van

Post by Paul RT on Sun Mar 08, 2009 4:22 pm

This dream wasn't posted at the time:

Dream 11 Dec 2008

I owned a large white Mercedes van (looked like a commercial one). It was sitting derelict on the footpath outside my house, even though it was almost brand new. I took a strip of metal from around the top of itís roof down to the scrap yard, but halfway there I turned around and went back to where I came from.

By way of background, on the previous night I took a decision to resign my position as admin support for the prison and return to my old position in the organization.

Possible Manifestation:

Follows the line from previous dreams about a warning not to be diverted from Christian ministry by the job offered doing admin work in prison. Speaks about taking parts to a scrap yard (rubbish) and not being turned around.
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