Eagle and babies

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Eagle and babies

Post by Christal on Sun Mar 08, 2009 10:58 am


I had a dream last night that was really all jumbled up , so I usally don't believe it is from the Lord. But I keep going back to a couple parts of the dream. There were babies or maybe just one lying down across an isle from me so I picked it up to care for it, I remember it had a runny nose so I wiped it and I was holding it close. We were outside and there was a bear up on the left side of us and I said Oh no, theres a bear and all of a sudden an eagle came down and scared it away. I then went on I still had the baby then the eagle came at me I put the baby down and tried to be real still it perched on my arm and I kept my head down to protect my face. It then started to peck at the top of my head, I could feel it but it didn't really hurt. Thats all I remember. Any thoughts.

Thanks Christal

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