Dream man with Donkey Faces Manifestation

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Dream man with Donkey Faces Manifestation

Post by Guest on Fri Mar 06, 2009 5:29 am

Yesterday I was supposed to go to church with my Son. But the enemy through family members and circumstances was trying to prevent this.
I fasted and prayed in the morning because was out of my hands. There was little I could do in this situation, However in the afternoon I call my son to let him know that I could not taken him to our church meeting due the problems.
But at the point in our conversation he manifested his interest to go.
He was relentless in his view I agree with him despite the consequences of this defiant attitude.
I picked him up to church as we agree and on the road He told me I download a message for you do you want to hear it?
I told him: yes, let me hear it.I replied.
It is from Pastor Hagee the Message was title God does Miracles now.
To my surprise Pastor Hagee started his message with a personal testimony about the powerfull hand of god on his life He was thanking God for acting on his behalf in a open heart surgery he got six weeks ago.
and he started reciting verses of the Psalm 91 the sermon continues describing all that happens since he enter the hospital until he left it.
to my amazed he ended up the sermon with the same verses I heard in my dreams.
I am sure God is in my path and this are his ways for me.

I praise the Lord who reveals the things hidden to his people.
when he mentioned those words he was describing that his ordeal with his surgery was over and that all was well as the scripture stated.The Second part of my dream I shall see manifestaed soon.


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