Repost about mom and helpmate dream thanks

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Repost about mom and helpmate dream thanks

Post by LovetoworshipJesus on Fri Mar 06, 2009 4:43 am

I had a dream the other day about my future helpmate. I recieved a text message from Alvin(future helpmate we are not together yet) to call him. When I saw the text message it said please call me and it had a smiley face after the message. So in the dream I waited a few minutes then I called him. Then all of sudden I see Alvin sitting in my dream with a beige shirt and beige pants this outfit really stood out. It looks the dream took place at my Grandmother old house which that house has sold years ago. The dream was in daylight. So anyway Alvin appears in my dreams and he tells me about he has 2 years to go and that he wants to finish (I was wonder if he is talking about his probation while dreaming I was not sure what he was talking about but it felt like whatever he had going on he wanted to complete that. .. In real life he was locked up and he got out and I remember he had 5 years probation. I dont know his current status I dont talk to him yet.

So anyway he sits next to me and he give me a kiss on the lips. Then after the kiss I told him about the dream I had about his son (inreal life I did have a dream about his son) Then in the other room I see my mother and she was angry She said with an attitude is he a wordly man. (but in the dream it was like my mom was saying it to me like as If she had a problem with me or trying to prove a point ) in real life my mom has issues with church she has not gone in a while and when I talk about the Lord she always has something negative to say. We do not have a close relationship like we should. She knows I go to church every sunday So in the dream it was like she was trying to make point but this comment was aimed at me because I am always talking about the Lord.

+++++Back to the dream
then I see him on the phone it was like he was waiting on someone to pick him up, so while he is on the phone I said come say Hi to my mom and he gave me a facial gesture like you know she does not want to speak to me. but he did not say anythin while waiting and with the phone on his ear like he waiting,,,, So As I stand there with Alvin and we are looking outside the window I see my uncle and another man in a car with alcohol drinks in there hands and they look drunk. Please help me with this... If you hear from the Lord please tell me. Thanks
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