I was being attacked by wolves which symbolized Demons

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I was being attacked by wolves which symbolized Demons

Post by ceburton on Thu Mar 05, 2009 9:05 am

I was called by the Lord in my dream and i began to cast out demons and heal the sick through the power of the holy spirit and then i was walking with my friend and my wife and the was a guy in a car and he jumped out the car and said i didnt do it and he attacked me i grabbed him and choked him until he calmed down then he showed us his dead wife that was attacked by these domonic wolves but before that my friend went into the grocery store and then the Lord told me to have the guy hide in this shed that the Lord had only revealed to my eyes then me and my wife walked into the grocery store and the wolves were attacking people and they had my friend and i spoke some scripture to them and the fled but i took my wife to her moms house and when i returned home the wolves were in my house and they were in the form of men and women then after that i began to fight them and i was winning until the gained up on me and then the buried me under them as they attacked I hear the voice of God in a powerful voice say why are you afraid my son i gave you power to fight the ememy and i quickly gain strenght and no fear and i casted them all out my house and then i woke up

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Re: I was being attacked by wolves which symbolized Demons

Post by Mia Sherwood on Thu Mar 05, 2009 2:02 pm

I would take this literally with the exception of seeing wolves and such. I would expect a battle that you will win.

This dream is an encouragment for a coming battle and while you are in it remember that the Lord said, I gave you power to fight the enemy. You will have the power that you need to overcome so be of good cheer.



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